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Dwelling Coverage, protects the structure of your home. Our homes represent possibly the largest purchase we will make and a significant portion of most of our net worth. More importantly, our home is shelter for us and our families. This is a primary need for us all. Let us help you get your coverage right here so you are properly covered should you have a loss. There may be an additional coverage called Extended Replacement Cost or even Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage for your home. At the Richard White Insurance Agency, we are able to provide Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage in most situations.

Separate Structures Coverage, covers your structures, on your property that are not physically attached to the structure of your home. We can help you get the right amount of coverage for your situation.

Personal Property Coverage, protects your “stuff!” If you were to flip your house upside down, the things that fall out would represent your personal property. It is very important that your policy provide “Replacement Cost Coverage” for these items, not Actual Cash Value or a depreciated value. Insurance companies will have sub-limits for certain types of property that are valuable and prone to theft such as jewelry, cash, firearms and others. Be sure to ask about a personal articles floater or other added coverages to be sure you have the coverage you need.

Loss of Use, is coverage that pays for you to be in a replacement living arrangement if you can’t stay in your home due to a covered loss. This coverage doesn’t get much coverage in the press but it is an important part of your insurance coverage. Your mortgage company will still want you to pay your payment even if you home is damaged in a fire etc.

Personal Liability Coverage, is very important to your financial future. This coverage protects you if you cause injury or property damage to a third party. An example would be a slip and fall at your home resulting in you getting sued.

A Deductible, is the amount that you will pay before the insurance company pays out for a property claim. We generally recommend that you carry as high of a deductible as you can reasonably afford. Over time, a higher deductible will save you a considerable amount! We will help you evaluate your options and select the best option for you.

Townhomes and Condominiums represent more complex coverage situations. Richard and his staff have considerable experience in this area and can help you make sense of how your insurance and your HOA insurance will work together. Each HOA is different and it is important to get this right.